7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend A Boarding School

7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend A Boarding School

Early Years Of Education Are The Most Crucial In A Child's Development. We Are Coming Near You To Provide The Best Learning Platform For Your Child.

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Early Years Of Education Are The Most Crucial In A Child’s Development.

We Are Coming Near You To Provide The Best Learning Platform For Your Child.

In today’s fast-paced world, every parent tries to seek the best education for their child. A good educational degree is like a long-term investment for a child’s bright future and would nurture them to accomplish their dreams. So a very important decision must be taken by the parents of what kind of schooling they would likely provide for their child – Boarding or Day School. This dilemma can be overcome by the new-age concept of day boarding school, which helps in achieving a holistic educational upbringing of the child with the close guidance of the parents. But, with the growing number of working parents, the concept of full-time residential school or boarding school also stands as a very effective educational method in a child’s life.

The number of day boarding and residential schools in India is steadily multiplying due to its multi-faceted benefits. Sri Sri Academy is a prime example of a quintessential boarding school in Siliguri, West Bengal, which is also a day boarding school with an overwhelming educational system. It provides scholars with excellent infrastructure, a tech-friendly educational system, state-of-the-art co-curricular facilities, and sports regimes for the overall growth of every student.

According to recent studies, it shows that the success of students belonging to a boarding or day boarding school is significantly higher than private and public day schools. The study also points out the fact that students from boarding school have a better adult life and are likely to achieve advanced degrees and a better career.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why parents should opt for a boarding school for their child’s primary education.

Academics and Beyond: A Holistic Experience

The boarding school system has existed for centuries. Since it is not just a place where a student is limited to academics, but beyond a book’s learnings, this residential schooling system has a more significant advantage than an ordinary day school. These schools help students engage in more responsibilities and adhere to a full-fledged development. Apart from imparting in-depth academic knowledge, most residential schools provide all-round developmental facilities to their students. This includes communication skills, fitness programs, sports facilities, problem-solving skills, and decision-making and intellectual abilities. Most boarding schools are built with a huge campus that provides state-of-the-art facilities like playgrounds, badminton courts, gymnasiums, art studios, music rooms, and other inventive offerings. Students who are a part of the day boarding regime can also enjoy all these facilities on the campus. This enables the students to participate in their choice of extra-curricular activities while enhancing their academic skills.

On-Campus Faculty

The best boarding schools in Siliguri help their students to interact with their teachers whenever they have a doubt, be it inside the classrooms or outside. If any immediate help is needed, students can directly visit a faculty member residing on the campus and seek their guidance. This also gives them an immersive platform to interact freely with the faculty members, who are not just teachers but are also their mentors, educators, friends, and life coaches.

Small Class Size: Because less is More

A small class-size helps students seek individual attention. Unlike day schools, most boarding schools have an average class strength of 30 students. This allows the teachers to personally address students and their problems and give them the guidance they need to make doubt-clearing a seamless process. In these classrooms, students face questions and not answers, which encourages them to think, share, and participate in the learning group.


The Power of Peer Learning

Recent studies found that students tend to be more motivated to learn and perform well when surrounded by competitive and success-oriented peers. Living and interacting with other students in dormitories, dinner or lunchtime, playgrounds, and extra-curricular activity sessions helps students understand the diverse cultures and backgrounds of their peers. As boarding schools admit students from all over the country, it increases every student’s knowledge of the different traditions, cultures, and geographies, thus improving their tolerance capability and communication skills. This comes as useful qualities in the long-term during university education and at workplaces.

Independent Lifestyle

Residential schools encourage students to carry out their daily chores, manage their academic assignments like homework and class-test preparations, control pocket-money expenditure, and monitor eating habits without relying on a family member. This lifestyle makes them independent, dutiful, and more mindful, ensuring a smooth transition into adult life where one must be more responsible for their activities. One of the most significant advantages of boarding schools is that it prepares its pupils for the long run by incorporating regimes to make them confident individuals with a bold personality.

Hobby Cultivation

An individual can be termed educated if he has learned well beyond books and can incorporate his learnings in day-to-day life. So, residential and day-boarding schools highly focus on the hobbies of their students. There are a plethora of options that one can choose from, like performing arts, debate sessions, visual art studies, book-reading, singing and music, games like chess, table-tennis, football, cricket, basketball, swimming, and many more. Some of the residential schools in Siliguri also engage their students in unique training programs like yoga and meditation to keep them calm and ensure their mental health and wellbeing.


Inter-Personal Skills and Character Development

Boarding schools nourish their students so that they grow up to be the most refined versions of themselves. Not only that, but they are also honest, reliable, and have a moral demeanor. They attain the highest respect in society and are socially active. Their ready-to-help nature makes them easy to approach and makes them the rightful leaders of any organization, with their brilliant inter-personal and networking skills.

The overall facilities that a boarding school provides are unmatched compared to day schools in every sphere, from social to academic. Students experience rich cultural learning, lifetime friendships, intellectual learnings, hobby-making, art, and athletics during their stay in boarding schools.